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Japan has a carbon tax too

japan carbon tax

This was kind of a surprise for me when I learned that not only does Japan has a carbon tax, but that is has one since… October 2012. The world’s third largest economy is taxing emissions from power plants and vehicles alike.  Read more

IEA World Energy Outlook 2014 is out

WEO 2014 cover and solar

The most important paper of the year on energy is out as the International Energy Agency published its landmark World Energy Outlook report. Read more

Pentagon acknowledges threat of climate change

US Pentagon

It will become significantly harder for those who deny climate change in the United States to continue to do so after this. The US Department of Defense believes that global warming is a ” threat multiplier “ Read more

Book review : Changing business from the inside out

Header changing business from the inside out

As you might have gathered from my specialised list on Twitter I am starting to interest myself to the world of Corporate (Social) Responsibility, aka CSR. After a long search, I found the perfect book on this fast expanding field in business.  Read more

European Union to overachieve its 2020 climate goals

wind turbines in Austria

Good news everyone : the European Union has already almost achieved its climate and energy goals for 2020 according to the latest data from the European Environmental Agency. Learn out more in my latest Cleantechies article.

United States and China sign new climate deal

Hailed as a ” game changer “ by Grist or Climate Progress, the climate change deal signed by the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China is a new step in the fight against global warming. Read more

Why tackling food waste is so critical


Wasted food is a serious problem around the world as to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, ” Each year, 30 percent of global food production is lost after harvest or wasted in shops, households and catering services.” Read more

Is Australia sacrificing its cleantech industry ?


For the past few months I have been worrying about Australia‘s burgeoining cleantech industry as the new government seems hell-bent on preserving coal, even if it has to cost 20,000 jobs. Read more

Ten ways you can prevent the Sixth Mass Extinction

Africa and elephants

The huge global loss of biodiversity is such a big problem that it is seen by specialists as the Sixth Mass Extinction. Lucky for us, the Huffington Post published an article on ten ways citizens can change that. Read more

Developping countries leapfrogging to renewables

Wind farm in The Philippines

There are still over a billion and half people without electricity. What if developping nations of Asia, Latin America and Africa went directly from ” no reliable electricity ” to “ electricity from renewables only ” ? Read more

Latest IPCC report urges for carbon neutrality

IPCC AR5 synthesis

Same situation, different year. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have published the final part of their fifth assessment Report (AR5) and the findings are quite scary.  Read more

Big Business commits itself to stop deforestation


During the Climate summit in New York in September something really big occured as large companies such as Cargill, Kellogg’s and Unilever signed the New York Declaration on Forests. Read more

Oil prices are going down. Wait, what ?

Oil extraction

This was my reaction when I saw oil prices drop recently to levels below $90. Not long ago they were indeed more around $110 than anything else. Lucky for us Thomas L Friedman from the New York Times brings some answers… Read more

EU leaders agree on emissions reduction by 2030

European Union

Last week the European Union leaders agreed to a minimum of 40 percent emissions reductions by 2030. You will have more details on my Cleantechies post. As always, please enjoy and share :)

Large cities are determined to fight climate change


If countries and nations are failing short in acting on climate, big cities around the world are increasingly acting on these matters. This has been particularly apparent in the New York summit last month.  Read more

Renewables investments are bouncing back in 2014

Solar heart

If investments in renewables fell over the recent years it seems 2014 will see them bounce back. As Bloomberg New Energy Finance reported, investments in the first three quarters have jumped 16 percent. Read more

Book review : 75 green businesses you can start

75 green businesses review

I had bought and half read that book all the way back to 2008 when it was published but never had finished it or written its review. It was high time for me to do so.  Read more

Afforestt : planting mini super forests everywhere

afforestt logo

For the past few years I have grown to become a treehugger, willing to see more trees everywhere as they could clean our air from pollution and prevent climate change. Then comes Afforestt.  Read more

Slashing energy consumption of historical monuments


Versailles, le Louvre and countless châteauxThese monuments must be hard to heat and must be hard to lit. But what if a British castle showed the way to solve these problems ? Read more

Some bad news on climate and the Antarctic


Three news on climate change got my attention the past week, each one could have been worthy of a full post. First and foremost, it seems scientists have underestimated the rate of global warming. Read more

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