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So many climate related news in such a short time

climate change nasa header

Dear all, for my first post in over a month and a half, there is so much I need to write about as a lot happened in this vast world of ours on climate change mitigation. Read more

Four reasons why I cycle to school

Velos header

For the past few weeks I have been cycling to and from Pinchot University where I am studying for my MBA in Sustainable Business. I believe this was the right decision for many reasons. Read more

The European Union already cut its emissions by 23 percent

European Union

While the European Union officials – not ” leaders ” – keep on clinging to 20 % emissions reductions by 2020, the Union has already slashed its emissions by 23 percent. This is taking place ahead of the Paris Climate Conference later this year. Read more

Shell withdraws from the Arctic

Shell stops arctic drilling

This is such a huge win for the environment and such a huge loss for oil companies, especially Shell. The company announced recently that it was withdrawing its oil platform from the Arctic, where it was drilling for oil. Read more

Our Kickstarter is now funded !

CSB HORSE banner

Good news everyone ! Our Kickstarter campaign collected up to $36,753, overshooting by more than 20 percent our fundraising goals. As you can imagine, all of us are pretty grateful and excited. Be sure that I will keep you posted on the development of the company and its promising technology.

Book review : Conscious Capitalism

conscious capitalism cover

I just finished reading another stellar read, a book that should be on the reading lists of everyone either working or studying Business nowadays. Conscious Capitalism was written by Raj Sisodia and John Mackey, the co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, a very successful company. Read more

Earth has three trillion trees but we are cutting them fast

three trillion trees

This is according to some study the amounts of trees that are on Planet Earth nowadays. The good news : this is much more than what we previously thought. The bad news : we are cutting them down fast, to a rate of 15 billion per year. Read more

Cleantech could help cities save $17 trillion

Cities of the future

Smart infrastructure choices from cities worldwide would save them $17 trillion (15.2 billion euros) by 2050. The solutions – renewable energy, public transportation, energy efficiency – are not new but the lens of this new study is interesting.  Read more

Announcing our Kickstarter campaign

CSB HORSE banner

I have the pleasure to announce you all that the biogas project I have been working with classmates this summer is now being funded on Kickstarter. After working in Colombia on large scale biogas projects, I have been lucky to work for the past three months with classmates from Pinchot University, Srirup Kumar and Joe McNulty, on a small scale biodigestor. Read more

India goes full speed ahead on LED lights


India is nowadays a booming economy, with more people demanding always more energy. But the local government is smart and aware of the staggering potential of energy efficiency as it will replace all streetlights to LED in the next two years.  Read more

Surprise ! Tiny houses are not for everyone

tiny houses huge problems

I have been reading and writing about environmental issues for the past ten years, before that I grew up in the countryside, learning how beautiful Nature can be. I consider myself a concerned citizen but… Read more

Nebia, a shower that saves 70 percent of water


This is important as water scarcity may well concern half of Mankind by the middle of the century according to an MIT study. Here comes the shower of the future. Nebia uses 70 percent less water than the US standard. Read more

Coal kills 1.6 million Chinese people each year

China emissions

According to a new study, air pollution from coal kills 1.6 million people in China every single year. That makes one death every 21 seconds, almost three per minutes or 180 per hour, around 4,000 a day. Read more

Australia unveils weakest emissions reduction targets

Sidney famous Opera House

Ahead of the Paris climate talks in December, most countries are unveiling their climate goals and Australia unveiled their own and they are the weakest of the wealthiest nations with  20% reduction by 2030 against 1990, to be compared with 32% from the United States and a minimum of 40% for the European Union. Read more

Green and blue at the same time with Biosolar Roof


What I love about blogging is coming back to old posts with new developments and ideas. Years ago I was wondering what was the most sustainable : blue roofs (with solar panels) or green ones. Some people combine both ideas and this is a GREAT idea.  Read more

Book review : The Shareholder Value Myth

Shareholder value Myth - banner

What if one of the core principles of Capitalism today was wrong, utterly wrong, even from a legal and economic standpoint ? This is the thesis defended by Lynn Stout in this brilliant book. Read more

President Obama unveils ambitious climate plan

United States of America

Earlier this month President Obama has announced his country’s strongest move to date on climate change. As IFLScience and many other reported : ” The finalized Clean Power Plan aims to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030. “ Read more

The medical case against climate change


Deniers stating that climate change is a threat for the distant future forget that air pollution from coal fired plants, industry and vehicle exhausts are just a huge threat to our present as well.  Read more

Uruguay to invest $2.6 billion in Wind energy


The drought that is affecting Brazil so much is also undermining Uruguay and its large dependance on hydro energy ( 74 percent of local electricity ). The current alternative to hydro is oil. So the country will invest $2.6 billion ( 2.3 billion euros ) in wind energy in the next couple of years. Read more

Smart utilities are offering LED light bulbs

Free LED Seattle City Light

Here is something intelligent : utilities offering LED bulbs to decrease your energy consumption. As an example of this I received this month a FREE super efficient bulb. Thanks Seattle City Light for making my household and thousands of others more efficient !  Read more

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