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Book review : the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid


I had this book on my reading list for two years as it is at the crossroads of my previous education in international management and my new one in sustainability. So I took the opportunity of my break between quarters to actually read this one. Read more

G7 Nations to decarbonize their economies


Now these are great news but there is a major catch, or perhaps two… The first one the date : by 2100, as in 85 years… The second one, they didn’t say even how they would cut emissions.  Read more

An exclusive interview with Carbon Washington

Washington State - Mount Rainier cropped

This is a first for me, I sat down to interview with Carbon Washington, an initiative to bring a revenue neutral carbon tax to the State of Washington State. You can read the whole interview on Cleantechies.

Pope Francis calls for action on climate and the environment

Pope Francis

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church, which encompasses over 1.2 billion people around the world. So when he publishes a lenghty call to action on climate change, this matters a lot. Read more

Entrepreneurship can solve Mankind’s biggest problems

220 and Change - Seattle

My life as an MBA student is eventful. This week I went to an entrepreneurship DemoDay where six great leaders presented their startups. The event is part of Fledge, a company helping conscious entrepreneurs globally. Read more

Ikea to invest a billion euros in sustainability measures


Ikea will invest and spend a billion euros ( over $1.10 billion) in renewable energy sources and other climate change related projects. This is an excellent example of Corporate Social responsibility.  Read more

Book review : Making Sustainability Stick, by Kevin Wilhelm

making susty stick

I am currently reading a great deal for my Master’s in Business Administration in Sustainable Business. And last month I read a great book containing a huge amount of information on how to implement sustainability measures in your company or organization. Read more

Fossil fuels subsidies are worth $5.3 trillion


$5.3 trillion (or 4.7 trillion euros) : those are staggering figures as they amount to $10 million every single minute. The figures come from the International Monetary Fund, so one can be pretty sure of them.  Read more

From parking lots to parks

cars under trees in Vancouver, Canada

For this new chapter of my life – studying for my MBA in Sustainable Business at Pinchot University – I am living next to a parking lot and I have been wondering if the owners could just plant a few trees to make it look better.  Read more

Antarctica is melting faster and faster

Antarctica ice shelf

According to recent data Antarctica appears to warm much faster than previously thought. This could have dire consequences for rising sea levels and the hundreds of million of people living in coastal regions worldwide. Read more

7.7 million people are now working in renewables

irena renewable jobs

Last year I was reporting that we were 6.5 million people working in the Renewable Energy Industries. If I have – temporarily – left it, many more have joined as now this figure reaches 7.7 million people. Read more

Those are tough times for fossil fuels companies

A coal fired plant in Indiana, USA

As odd as it might seem, oil prices at $60 are not making it any easier for Big Oil and the likes. The Financial Times published two articles on how coal, oil and gas are through tought times. Let us review them here. Read more

China is already cutting massively its emissions

China emissions

While some analysts thought that China would cut its emissions in 2040 it is already starting to actually take place, and in an impressive way as new analyses have shown. Read more

Switzerland to halve its emissions by 2030

Switzerland to halve its emissions by 2030

Here is another article published at Cleantechies on how Switzerland is showing some leadership by targetting 50 percent greenhouse gases emissions cuts by 2030. This is a bold move that deserves to inspire other countries.

Using drones to plant millions of trees (video)

BioCarbon Engineering

Drones are all the rage these days. So why not use them to counter industrial scale deforestation with industrial scale reforestation ? (granted, we shouldn’t cut the trees in the first place…) Read more

The United States are entering a post-oil world

Abandoned oil pumps

When Bloomberg writes that in the United States  Big Oil Is About to Lose Control of the Auto Industryyou know there is something going on, especially when they rely on solid BNEF study and data.  Read more

Book review : Energy for Future Presidents

energy for future presidents

Having access to the Seattle Public Library I was able to borrow this book that was strongly recommended to me by Jimmy Jia, one of the many bright faculty of Pinchot University. Read more

European energy policies bought and paid for

Euros banknotes

According to several sources, oil giant company Shell bought the European energy policy to be as low as possible on renewable energy sources. To learn out more read my latest piece at Cleantechies.

Tesla unveils its Powerwall, a revolution in the making

tesla powerwall

If you consume as little as electricity as you can and have solar panels installed, you are just one step away from being independant from coal and gas fueled utilities. This step might come sooner than expected thanks to Tesla. Read more

Pollution is the top killer in developping nations

Horrendous air pollution in Dehli, India

What kills the most people in developping countries ? You might think about AIDS / HIV. Or malaria… No : it’s pollution, which killed no less than 8.4 million people in 2012. In comparison, AIDS “only” killed 1.5 million and malaria 600,000. Read more

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