Over a billion hungry people

Thanks to my good friend Daryl from Verda Vivo – a must read blog – I came accross another worrying fact: the amount of hungry people around the world is increasing and to the FAO will reach a historic level with a billion people in 2009.

I already blogged last year about this very topic and the situation has only worsened since then. This occurs as TreeHugger and the Financial Times are both thinking we are going toward another global food crisis.

This occurs as over a billion people are overfed and an additional 300 million people are literally obese. Could the food please go to the other tables ? This would make sense and social justice.

Of course it is easier said than done but I believe that a solution has to be found, and found quickly. This would be a win-win-win situation.

It is high time we work on those millennium development goals. Poverty and hunger are one of the many topics.

This is definitively another topic I will keep you posted about. So stay tuned !

3 thoughts on “Over a billion hungry people”

  1. The sad part is that this new higher number is due to the economic crisis – high prices and lack of contributions. What will we do when we have to fight for food and water just to survive?

  2. I have no idea. This is really scare when we think about it. The article on TreeHugger wondered if this could happen within 15 years.
    I would be only 40 years old.

    I guess I should start thinking about learning how to grow stuff in a yard. I should have paid more interest and attention to my old sweet grandma when she taught me how to grow vegetables.

    The whole stuff makes me think on how population growth is a problem. perhaps I should write a post on it.

    (indeed: if food decreases in quantity or remains stable and that three billion people arrive, how would we feed them ?)

    What do you think Daryl ?

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