Dark sky

Borrowed light by Olivia Huynh
The previous nights were the occasion to see the Perseid meteor shower. It was also the Nuits des Etoiles in France, where hundreds of events are organized to allow people to watch stars and (re)discover the sky and stars above our heads. As you perhaps know, I am quite an […]

Animation : Borrowed light, by Olivia Huynh

Rio de Janeiro without any lights
You may perhaps remember the not so distant time when I was posting astrophotography pictures on this very website. I have also wrote a few times on how we are lighting up our cities too much. Now a fellow Frenchman, Thierry Cohen, created a series of pictures of what the […]

Starry, Starry, Starry Night

Eiffel tower without its lights
Here is another post I wrote for Cleantechies, this time on energy conservation : ” Even after the election of François Hollande as President of France, an energy conservation measure of the previous government will be implemented.” ” The Sarkozy government wanted to require shops and offices to turn off […]

France unveils measures to decrease energy use

Urban light pollution 2
Too many lights in our cities at night is really bad for our economy as we waste electricity and thus money. It is also a bad idea for nocturnal animals, plants and amateur astronomers who need to go further and further to have a darker sky. Now, to a new […]

Urban lights increase air pollution

Stellarium night sky
I already wrote a few articles on dark skies and light pollution. It seems the phenomenon is even worse as one can see with the image on left (courtesy of Stellarium, a great astronomy freeware) This also has an important impact on greenhouse gases emissions. In Australia alone, public lightning […]

For many, the sky isn’t dark anymore

barcelona 3
The city of Barcelona and Spanish utility Endesa have been installing smart LED lightning systems that automatically switch themselves off when no one is around. This enables the city to cut by 30 percent its electricity consumption. I really would like this idea to spread across Europe and even the […]

Barcelona’s amazing smart lightning idea

acropole 3
Earth Hour was a tremendous success as many people participated. Cities turned down the lights of  their monuments and the pictures of the event are amazing and totally illustrate how much energy and money we could save. The Boston Globe proposed a series of 17  great pictures illustrating the phenomenon. […]

Pictures of Earth Hour: how we waste energy

nightearth_big 1
Light pollution is a major problem for astronomers in most if not all countries (see map) . But for the International Year of Astronomy this may change with the following initiative. Globe at Night allows astronomers to easily assess the phenomenon with a series of charts. By watching the Orion […]

Assessing and ending light pollution

europeatnight.jpg 2
This week-end was held in Slovenia the seventh European Symposium for the protection of the night sky. This is the occasion to have a look at the lightning of our cities at night. As more lights mean more greenhouse gases emissions, we will have to reduce the amount of lightning […]

Let there be more light ?