Climate change can be fixed by switching from cars to bikes, planting trees in our cities, tapping into energy efficiency's potential and ditching coal and natural gas for solar and wind. Learn out more in this article.

Four cheap solutions to climate change

More good news people ! New Caledonia – and France – are creating a marine protected area (MPA) of huge size : 1.3 million square kilometers : the parc naturel de la mer de Corail. This park will be amongst the largest MPAs in the world. Thanks to that, 16 percent of the waters […]

New Caledonia and France create huge Marine Protected Area

Air pollution kills millions of people  as we have seen previously. But what is little known is that indoor air pollution kills as much as the outdoor one. This is because of carbon monoxide and other chemicals we are using in our homes. Mother Nature Network published in 2012 a […]

15 plants to clean up your indoor air

If you have been reading this blog for a few years, you know it : I am very much interested in astronomy and even happen to practice it from time to time. But this is becoming harder and harder globally because of light pollution. But is light pollution really a […]

Light pollution is harming us all

Here is an impressive environmental success story that took place in the United States. According to Mother Nature Network, up to 90 percent of the two to three billion tires dumped in the USA have been recycled over the past few decades. To MNN : ” In 2011, 197 million […]

The American success story of tire recycling

And the Mother Nature Network published a brilliant article on this occasion on how forests are vitally important not only to our civilization but to Life on our beautiful planet as a whole. They have found no less than 21 reasons why we should protect forests. While most of them are […]

Today’s is the International Day of Forests

To TreeHugger and Science Daily, protecting a mere 17 percent of the land surfaces against human exploitation would protect two third of the plant species. However, there is a catch as we have to protect the right places… So if we have to protect the most of our biodiversity, we […]

Biodiversity, the importance of protecting the right areas