Barcelona’s amazing smart lightning idea

The city of Barcelona and Spanish utility Endesa have been installing smart LED lightning systems that automatically switch themselves off when no one is around. This enables the city to cut by 30 percent its electricity consumption.

I really would like this idea to spread across Europe and even the entire world. Indeed, how many plants are used only to light streets unnecessarily? This would drastically cut costs and would go far beyond the Earth Hour

Last but not least, this would also improve the night sky quality drastically. As we have seen previoulsy, darker skies would benefit Nature and astronomers alike.

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Pictures of Earth Hour: how we waste energy

Earth Hour was a tremendous success as many people participated. Cities turned down the lights of  their monuments and the pictures of the event are amazing and totally illustrate how much energy and money we could save. The Boston Globe proposed a series of 17  great pictures illustrating the phenomenon. Instead of turning down all … Read more

Tonight is Earth Hour

Tonight at 8.30 pm local time it will be Earth Hour. This event launched by the WWF is promoting awareness on global warming. Many cities and companies all around the world will participate. Last year no less than 50 million people switched their lights off for the occasion. This year, the NGO is targeting one … Read more

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