Solutions from the IPCC report

The IPCC paper shows the existence of numerous solutions to mitigate and even stop climate change. Here are some of them that can, and have to, be putted in place before 2030.

Energy Supply

Improved supply and distribution efficiency; fuel switching from coal to gas; nuclear power; renewable heat and power (hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal and bioenergy); combined heat and power; early applications of CCS (e.g. storage of removed CO² from natural gas)


More fuel efficient vehicles; hybrid vehicles; cleaner diesel vehicles; biofuels; modal shifts from road transport to rail and public transport systems; non-motorised transport (cycling, walking); land-use and transport planning.


Efficient lighting and daylighting; more efficient electrical appliances and heating and cooling devices ; insulation ; passive and active solar design for heating and cooling ; alternative refrigeration fluids, recovery and recycle of fluorinated gases.


More efficient end-use electrical equipment; heat and power recovery; material recycling and substitution; control of non-CO2 gas emissions; and a wide array of process-specific technologies.


Afforestation (Note : process of converting open land into a forest by planting trees ; wikipedia) ; reforestation; forest management; reduced deforestation; harvested wood product management; use of forestry products for bioenergy to replace fossil fuel use.

All the above solutions can be putted in place quite easily if there is global commitment to stop climate change before it is too late to act.

Source :

  • Page 13 of the Working Group III summary for Policymakers, released on May 4th by the IPCC. | Direct download

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