More on the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan

the-uk-low-carbon-transition-planMy post on the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan in July was short, way too short for such a news as a major economy is committing itself to cut its greenhouse gases emissions by 34 percent by 2020 compared to 1990 levels.

Using all means at its disposal – energy efficiency, renewables, nuclear, electric cars, clean coal –  the United Kingdom is determined to take the lead on climate change mitigation.

This is a good omen for Copenhagen ! To read the full post, click here. If you enjoy reading this post please share it via your favorite social bookmarking site and rate it ! 😉

By Edouard

Edouard is a sustainability and energy professional committed to bringing our societies to a carbon neutral future. He has been writing on related topics on this very blog since 2007.

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